10+ Fabulous A Designer’s Dream Brooklyn Home

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An old house may be the secret to your dream home. Do you concur? Seems crazy but not so for Alison Jennison, a young designer that surprisingly changed an old townhouse to her fantasy home. Situated in Brooklyn, the home’s new, modern, and beautiful look reflects Alison’s good flavor, imagination, and professionalism. I understand you might be wondering how what magical she used to provide this early home life . Do not fret, sit and keep reading if you want to grasp insight as I take you through its magnificent interior transformation.

Although the home has background attributes, Alison did a great job in its orientation and design. Originally, the fireplaces were six, but she got rid of these except the one discovered on the next floor. She jumped it in its first form into the sitting room. In the back of the first living space, she substituted the cramped corridor using a wall of glass, letting more light and new air. To keep the old style and feeling, the young designer painted the walls white, place light floors and the heat wood tones. As a professional, she picked furnishings having the old signature.
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