10+ Stunning A Bibliophile’s Beautiful Haven

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loft style apartment – Image Source : trendedecor.com
Lofts are not a bibliophile’s harbor, not from the traditional perspective. But, wait till your eyes watch the interior of the book-filled Toronto attic and then that cliché is going to take a nosedive.

The flat, originally a cheese factory, nevertheless keeps its former gusto including all the pipes, brick walls and ductwork of its prior existence. All these, nevertheless, and combined with its high ceiling, provide it gritty sense but in a beautiful way.

Your home’s character and primary attraction is that the manner by which the occupants have integrated the shelving and how else is an exhibition of the passion for novels and travel. The largest of those bookcases, rests on the wall in that a recess carved from a single corner of this living room. Only under this disgusting bookcase is that a cabinet enjoying a host into a turntable, a sign fire.

The leading character this layout depicts is the way that it readily clears space to ensure the living room and mattress space exist in an almost jumble -free surroundings. This is no mean feat considering that the comparatively small size of this attic.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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