6 Awesome Victorian School Turned Into Eclectic Vintage Home

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Open-plan living is hard to come by in properties with mezzanines because of the fire risks involved.  Using a state-of-the-art misting system, we fulfilled our clients’ dream of a large, stylish open-plan kitchen in this converted Victorian school house apartment.  Brimming with potential, the apartment needed an overhaul of the living space and a cohesive platform to display our clients’ eclectic collection of vintage pieces.

The overall design of the conversion had left two grand inter-connected living rooms with a small, windowless box kitchen and two bedrooms on an open mezzanine, exposed to the noise and light downstairs.  With their first baby on the way, our clients wanted to create a better family space where they could enjoy cooking and entertaining and extra child-friendly living space for their new addition.  Our musician client also wanted excellent soundproofing to avoid disturbing the neighbours.

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Laura Donna